10 Reasons Why You Should Quit Drinking Alcohol…..

One of the many hidden traps that humankind has faced since the beginning of time are addictions that hold us down, and have complete control over our daily lives. Today, we will discuss 10 reasons why you should quit drinking alcohol, and move your life towards 100% sobriety.

(1). Toxic Behavior

Let’s be perfectly honest, consuming alcohol can be fun. It allows you to completely let your guard down, make witty jokes, laugh, and dance in front of crowds that you normally wouldn’t do when you’re sober. Although this may seem like harmless fun, if you really look deep within yourself, could you possibly be hiding from depression, and using alcohol to mask your personal issues that have not been addressed accordingly? After a couple shots of salt rim Tequila, some people become overly friendly and bubbly, while others have a wild urge to argue, curse, and become incredibly violent. Whichever way alcohol alters your personality, you must ask yourself this very simple question. Can you have fun in a social environment without consuming alcohol? If the answer is no, you may be suffering from social anxiety or severe stress that you’re unwilling to confront head on. Ultimately, you must find a way to forbid yourself from using alcohol as a depressant or stimulant for social occasions.

(2). Premature Aging

If you operate a vehicle with a low amount of engine oil, it will suddenly give you a flashing warning sign on the dashboard indicating for you to pull over, and to immediately refill your oil tank. Our human bodies happen to function in a similar way. If you drink alcohol on a regular basis, your skin will begin to deteriorate over a period of time. Consuming a significant amount of alcohol can cause dark circles to appear underneath your eyes. Some people also develop unpleasant rashes throughout their body, and their faces will become as red as an apple. All of these telling signs are warnings from your body pleading to you to stop drinking alcohol. Although no one can escape father time, this doesn’t mean you should speed the process along by abusing yourself. I would suggest replacing your unhealthy liquor diet with purified water, and after several weeks your complexion should tremendously improve, and your dark circles will vanish.

(3). Drink and Drive (Manslaughter)

One of the worst offenses an individual can participate in is drinking alcohol, and then proceeding to operate a motor vehicle. This type of negligence can only turn into a nightmare ending. A foolish mistake of this magnitude can cost you your life, and many other innocent commuters on the road. Do you really want to live with the fact that you’re fully responsible for harming innocent individuals with your selfish and risky behavior? If it’s an absolute must for you to partake in alcohol consumption at a party, local bar, nightclub, or concert, it should be an absolute must for you to take along a responsible designated driver. If you can’t find a designated driver, please download the Uber or Lyft app on your personal phone, or you have the option of booking a dependable car service to and from your planned event.


(4). Loss of Memory

Are you forgetting appointments and commitments that you have previously made? Can’t seem to remember where you last placed a certain item? Do you have too many obligations on your plate, or has your drinking spiraled out of control? Drinking beer after beer, and taking shot after shot will cause your mind to become flustered and unfocused. The more frequently you twist open a bottle of alcohol, the more you forget birthdays, past events, and scheduled appointments.

(5). Bad Decisions

From time to time, we all make awful decisions in our lives, but have you noticed that your poor decision making increases every time a glass of liquor is poured? If you have a natural tendency to be combative, alcohol can only increase your chances of saying hurtful things to an individual that you wouldn’t dare say if you were sober. A slip of the tongue can cause friendly discussions to turn into petty insults, and childish insults to escalate into fists being thrown. Usually, when someone is behaving out of character, people will normally state, “that is the liquor that is speaking” and not the actual person. Once something hurtful is said, whether it may be true or false, there is no way to retract your statement or take it back. Once an act is done, it’s literally impossible to go back and change the situation.

(6). Tardy/NO SHOW

If you think sharing a bottle of vodka with a couple of friends has no direct correlation to your personal life, THINK AGAIN. A long Friday night at your local bar can lead you to showing up to work 25 minutes late the next day. A wild Tuesday evening in your dorm room can cause you to frantically run across campus on a Wednesday afternoon to sneak into your physics class that began an hour ago. In your mind, it just might be an innocent beverage. In your mind, it just might be some good old fun, but don’t let alcohol addiction deter you from fulfilling your sole responsibilities and obligations.

(7). Retain Information

How fast can you retain information when you’re intoxicated compared to when you’re sober? If you’re constantly under the influence throughout the day, how can your brain ever process information properly? Take for instance, if a receptionist contacts you at home to inform you about a slight change to your next scheduled doctor’s appointment, but since you’re inebriated, you end up writing down 2:30PM instead of 12:30PM. Although this may seem like a minor issue, repetitive instances such as this example can only cause your life to be filled with constant disruptions.

(8). Poison To The Body

Some people can become alcoholics, and won’t show any drastic signs of change to their physical appearance. No signs of dull skin, no extreme weight gain, no unpleasant rashes, but sometimes in life, it’s what you can’t see that hurts you the most. You may be an individual that can binge drink from Tuesday through Saturday, and look in the mirror, and see a rather youthful, strong image staring back at themselves. You may be an individual that can slurp away bottles and bottles of liquor, and not miss a beat at work. Although your physical features may seem like everything is 100% intact, but if you had a superpower called X- ray vision, you may see your liver slowly deteriorating. In the end, it’s always what you don’t know, or possibly what you fail to accept, that can cause a serious illness to develop throughout your body.

(9). Morning Hangover

On Saturday night you had a blast, but on Sunday morning your head is at the bottom of your toilet bowl. On Saturday evening, you were pounding away shots, but on early Sunday morning, the only thing that is pounding is your head. What seemed like a great choice on Saturday, now seems like the worst idea on Sunday. Just imagine guzzling down an absorbed amount of liquor that causes you to become noticeably weak, incoherent, and unrecognizable. At the end of the day, you’re basically spending your own hard-earned money to purposely become violently ill and miserable.

(10). Abuse

The negative domino effect that alcohol can have on an individual’s life is surprisingly alarming. If your uncontrollable addiction towards alcohol causes you to become emotionally and physically abusive towards friends and family members, you may be leaving traces of horrific memories in the minds of those who love you the most. This erratic behavior will not only taint your legacy, but may strongly persuade other family members to fall down the same downward slope as yourself.

***If you have an addiction to alcohol and need help please call National Alcoholics Anonymous at 1-866-210-1303.***

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